Health & Wellbeing Services

Art Studios in Kent


the enormous benefits of hypnotherapy are far reaching, help for anxiety, depression, relaxation, phobias and addictions. Our sessions are designed bespokely for you and can provide long lasting help with any issues you may be experiencing. Saffiere has a Masters Diploma in Hypnotherapy and will tailor the sessions to ensure that you get the very best outcome.

sessions cost £30 for one hour and can be booked via our booking page


Reiki is. Relaxing, powerful, non invasive treatment which helps with all areas of life.
this gentle but effective treatment helps with re balancing, stress, anxiety and wellness.
we have two Master Reiki therapists, a male and a female, and sessions cost £25 per hour and are bookable via our booking page

Ear Candles

we provide an ear candle service sessions, last 30 minutes and cost £22.00. Using high quality Hopi ear candles

Indian Head Massage

A glorious 30 minutes of head massage which will both reinvigorate you and relax your senses. Sessions cost £20 and are bookable via the booking page